How To Create A Custom URL for a Facebook Group

Special Thanks to Clifton Hatfield for telling me how to do this.

If you have one of the new facebook groups you may be asking yourself the same question that I was namely, how the heck do you create a custom url like this:

for your beloved Facebook group.

Thanks to the great WordPress Support Group that Clifton Hatfield has set up on Facebook I was able to quickly and easily get the answer.

(The group rocks by the way.  It is full of a bunch of WordPress Rockstars who really know their stuff about all things WordPress, Facebook and everthing in between.

If you’d like to join you can click the link below and Clifton may possibly approve your membership (I’m sure he will)

Ok so to get a custom url it is very simple and takes two steps.

All you have to do is go into your group settings and click Edit Group.

And then choose a custom email address for your group. For instance before I made this tutorial I made the custom email address for my group to be You will want to make sure to choose a username which is not already taken. If it is trying using a period in the username to break things up or a variation of your username, in this case I may have tried Try to use a name that people will search for on facebook and target the group of individuals that you are trying to reach.

Next step is to click save and then refresh your browser.

You should then see your custom url in the web address of your browser.

Congratulations, you are now done!

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  • BEN

    How do you change the url if there is a typo?

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    I have tried this but does not work…I have one group with 2000 members and another just started with 30 but does not work in either case

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    Thanks Matt. It was really helpful.

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